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Help Feed The World

Help feed the world today for a better tomorrow

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We are a nonprofit organization that focuses on feeding our local communities and beyond. Due to the pandemic and
the uprise in unemployment many families are in need of food supplies more than ever. Everyone deserves the basic
food necessities. We are working to make this possible for those in need regardless of where they are in the world. Our
mission is to feed as many people as possible by donating food to those in need.

We started out donating groceries to schools for families that are in need, and every year we tried to give more.
According to the schools there are more families in need now, more than ever. Therefore, we decided to start this
organization, so that we can help feed as many families as possible with your generous and kind donation.
Our goal is to give out as many food supplies and hampers, to as many communities as possible. Please join us in making
this possible, so that we can make the world a better place. By making a contribution we can all make a difference in the

When families have the basic necessities, it alleviates stress in these difficult times. With kindness and compassion, we
can all help change the world for a better tomorrow.

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